What Are the Characteristics of a Good Musical Artist?

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Learning music takes time; it is not too easy to do yet not too hard, but definitely all fun. Learning to make music creates soothing melodies that vibrate the soul is the main reason why musicians keep on playing music. Though having other people buy beats that you have made are also a nice incentive to continue working on music, but the sheer pleasure of creating music is a reward in itself. However, for those who want to learn to create music, what does one need to have to become successful. What are the characteristics of a good musical artist?

Patience, Persistence and Perseverance

One of the major traits good musicians have is that the three Ps, They are patient, persistent and they persevere. Without this three Ps, one will never advance in music. Remember one will not learn to play music overnight, it takes constant practice and to keep practicing constantly needs those three Ps. But that’s not all, learning to play music involves a lot of pitfalls, disappointments and failure, that is why one should be persistent and in the end, continue on until becoming an accomplished musical artist, and this needs perseverance. Remember that you will never be able to create music without this three Ps, much more have people buy beats coming from you.

Good musicians collaborate

No man is an island, especially in the musical world. Every musician contributes to every musician so in order to become a good musician; you need to also contribute and collaborate. For example, you are hip hop musical artists and have composed a nice beat, don’t expect that millions of people will buy rap beats that you have made instantly. Remember that there are more famous celebrities creating music, which people look forward to and will totally eclipse your composition. However, if you managed to collaborate with musicians, especially tie up with artists that are already in the business, then you will have a chance to become big yourself.

Good musicians are always open to criticisms

You have just created your first rap beat and are proud of it, but another musician commented harshly on it. If you are a true musician, you will accept those comments and put it into consideration. Remember that music is a communal phenomenon and not an individual Endeavour. You create music for others to hear and enjoy, which is why you need all the help to make your music acceptable to every person. If you want people to buy beats that you made, you need to know what they like, and their comments will tell what they want. These are some of the main characteristics great musicians have and starting musician must acquire to become successful in the music industry.

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    Hi Nine Diamond,

    Thank you for writing this. I particularly enjoyed your point about music being “a communal phenomenon and not an individual endeavor.”


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